About Al Swab Services

Electrical Maintenance

Electrical problems are a common issue in industrial settings and regular maintenance is the key to keeping it safe and reliable. Even when everything seems to be working fine on the surface, there could be major underlying problems that may only get worse if ignored. Regular maintenance services keep your business on the safe side as they enable predictive and preventive actions to address issues even before they happen and ensure safety for your property and people. Without any doubt, staying one step ahead with electrical maintenance can be the best decision that you must consider as a plant owner. Our team is fully licensed and insured to guarantee your project is completed safely. We have the right equipment and expertise needed to complete your projects and from new construction wiring on your industrial structure to bucket truck services, we deliver quality work to you.  Feel free to reach out to us if you have specialized electrical service requirements.

Sanitary Maintenance

Well-designed and properly maintained plumbing and sanitary systems are very important for every villa, apartment, and commercial place. Clean water flowing into the home, drainage for excess water, and waste disposal are all crucial aspects of a fully functioning plumbing and sanitary system. Bathrooms and kitchens are the key areas where you will find the majority of these works. Our skilled engineers provide the best maintenance services to improve hygiene and safety in commercial buildings, office buildings, schools, hospitals and residential buildings.  We have trained engineers to deal with all aspects of plumbing and Sanitary related works, such as cleaning and repairing, Installation of kitchen & bathroom sanitary wears, repairing burst pipes, preventing floods and leaks, solving hot water problems, and fixing sanitary ware items. Whether you require a complete installation or want a repairing service, our team is available to help with all your requirements and maintenance needs.

Building Upgradation and Renovation

Trust Al-swab traders to update or rebuild your existing commercial and industrial buildings with expert commercial renovation services. We specialize in transforming your outdated commercial and industrial buildings into modern structures with upgraded facilities. We provide the most experienced and trusted commercial renovation contractors who are experts at taking seemingly complex renovation projects and delivering cost-effective solutions with minimal or no downtime for your business and employees. Commercial renovation costs per square foot can be quite different from residential projects and many of Al-Swab clients are surprised that how economical it is to renovate their buildings or industrial complex. Contact us and we will provide you with a no-cost outline of the commercial or industrial renovation process by reviewing all of your needs and will develop a perfect building renovation project plan for your business.

VFD Installation & Maintenance

Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), are controller components that can go by many names, including Adjustable Frequency Drives, Variable Speed Drives, AC Drives, Motor Controls, Inverters, and Microdrives that are designed to help regulate the RPMs and vary the frequency and voltage delivered to your electric motors. Al-Swab offers variable frequency drive (VFD) installation and maintenance services to all of our customers. It’s important to remember that VFDs can be very complex devices that can change in cost or complexity based on your specific needs. With VFD Systems, you can expect a wide range of benefits that come from delivering the most efficient option for matching the output of your electric motors.

ABB Automation Devices

ABB is one of the world’s leading engineering companies which helps customers to use electrical power effectively and to increase industrial productivity in a sustainable way. ABB enables improved productivity and efficiency through the integration of automation, electrification and telecommunications solutions with innovative technologies and domain expertise. Al-Swab has a complete portfolio of ABB industrial technology products for customers used in utilities, industry, transport, and infrastructure.

Electric panel Repair, Maintenance, Installation

Al-Swab company is also involved in the design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of electrical systems for industrial, commercial and residential use. Since its inception, the company has gained a good reputation and has undertaken numerous engineering contracts with various reputed consultants. Installing an electrical panel is an expensive project that should only be completed by a qualified, licensed, and insured electrician. We specialize in electrical panel installation, repair, and maintenance and have a team of Licensed, Insured & Background Checked Electricians. 100% Satisfaction is Guaranteed.